Brian  Lasseter


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• International Business Machines

Austin, TX

6/2001 – present

Among other VLSI integration tasks, I spent most of my time creating the "AddBuf" methodology, algorithm, and tool suite for buffer insertion.  In modern microprocessors, interconnect speed is the preeminent cause of delay; thus timing critical paths are wire dominated.  Buffers (pairs of inverters) strengthen an electrical signal like an amplifier to increase signal distance or reduce noise.  AddBuf seeks to effortlessly, visually, and correctly solve the complex buffer problems that all gigahertz speed microprocessors face.  Through automatic and graphically interactive solution generation, AddBuf promotes rapid design iteration.  It shaves weeks off of design cycles, and is now used in every IBM microprocessor design project:  PowerPC970, Power5, Power5+, Power6, TSAURS, PlayStation 3, and X-Box 360.  (0.9um and 0.65um process chips)




• Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

9/1996 – 5/2001

Bachelor of Computer Engineering, VLSI design specialty;  Major GPA: 3.0

I participated in the Georgia Tech cooperative work education program gaining 1.5 years of experience with local high technology firms before graduation.




• Nth Degree, Inc.

Stone Mountain, GA

4/1999 – 12/1999

Nth Degree is a tradeshow marketing firm.  I fixed broken computer hardware, trained new users, and maintained the network.  In this company of 1000, I wrote tools to automatically distribute software and to query what was installed.




• Hayes, Inc.

Norcross, GA

9/1997 – 12/1998

Hayes invented the PC modem in 1978; I worked in their IT department as a systems analyst and part-time helpdesk manager.  My most important task was keeping the 400 desktop computers working, and up to date with software.






• Governing Board director for:

2003 – 2005

• Graduate level VLSI Design with Dr. Mooney.

      The Austin Swing Dance Syndicate

• Skills gained in Senior Design Class Electives:

• 1st Place in IBM New Employee Showcase


      • Sustainable Design Engineering;

• Dean’s List at Georgia Tech:

1998 – 2001

      • Transmission Lines and Electromagnetics;

• Computer Engineering Rep. to:

1999 – 2001

      • VLSI and Advanced Digital Logic;

      Undergrad. Student Government

      • Communications Networks; &

• Member-at-Large to:

1998 – 1999

      • Embedded Microcontroller Design

      Undergrad. Student Government

• Hardware Design Synthesis Tools:

• Founded:  Linux User’s Club

Oct. 1999

      Spice; Cadence; Synopsys; Virtuoso; & VHDL

• President:  Linux User’s Club

1999 – 2001

• Programming Languages:

• Founded:  Georgia Tech Paintball

Nov. 1998

      Java; KSH; SKILL; SPIM; PERL; C; & HTML

• National Hispanic Merit Scholar

Apr. 1996

• Mathematics Languages:

• Boy Scouts:  Eagle Scout

Feb. 1992

      MathCAD; Mathematica; Maple; & Matlab

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