Baby Shower - Saturday, April 5th 2008, 7:00p - 9:00p - 11042 B

You are invited to join Brian and Jennifer Lasseter for hors d'oeuvres, margarita's, games, music, dancing, and fun as we celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby boy into our family. This is a co-ed event, so guys are encouraged to join the party. From our web site you can find week-by-week pictures of Jennifer, and ultrasound pictures of our baby.

For a map to the Baby Shower, click here.

Baby Shower Pictures

Gift Registries
Cloth Diaper Registry.
To lower the amount of trash the baby will generate, we will be using cloth diapers.
We are registered under "Lasseter".
wildflower gift registry
Gift Registry
There are a few new items we could use, and a few items to help Jennifer keep her sanity. gift registry
Special Additions Gift Certificates
Nursing Accessories
Cost Estimates of Items of Interest:
Nursing Bras $30 each
Nursing Tops $40-$60 each
Nursing Support Pillow $50
special additions gift certificates

PayPal Baby Equipment Fund

In an effort to reduce waste, we will be purchasing many items "gently used" through consignment stores in Austin. Please help fund the purchase of these items. Costs are listed below. Crossed out items have already been bought, it will take a day or two for bought items to be reflected on this list.

Item Name



Set Your Own Amount $?
Baby Ear Muffs (for loud dances) $25
Crib Mattress $30
Crib $150
Crib Bedding Set $35
Breast Pump $250
Playpen/Bassinet Combo $60
Car Seat for the electric car $100
Baby Swing $40
Diaper Changing Pad $40
Diaper Changing Table $40
Rocking Chair $200
Baby Backpack $35
Baby Bath Tub $25
Baby Carrier Sling $25

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